Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

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Number of positions
Total number of positions opened and closed during the given statistical period
Number of winning positions
Number of winning positions
Number of losing positions
Number of losing positions
Average position size, USD
The average size of a position opened during the given statistical period, USD
Average trade lifespan, hours
The average duration of all positions opened during the given statistical period. From opening to closure

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Robot or not?

VitoFX22... are you a Robot?
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lechiffre 10 hours ago

Hello, I think that too

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Need to take into account contest starting amount?

I find this contest exciting and engaging but it seems to me that the amount one starts the contest with at the beginning of the week needs to be factored into the calculation of the profitability percentage. Here is what I have observed. The smaller the amount one starts the contest with, the better their chances of winning by a greater percentage. In other words, one who starts the contest on $1 has a better and quicker chance of getting to 100% by just adding another $1 to the starting amount…
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kutlu avatar
kutlu 13 Jan.

Technically, with any size of starting deposit you need to perform the same trading to double the account. Whether you start with  $1 or $1000's. Let's say you trade EUR/USD with the maximum lot size possible. (Assuming leverage is 1/100) You need to make at least 230 pips to double the account with a single trade.

luki432 avatar
luki432 13 Jan.

I think the minimum deposit of at least 1st reward is a good idea. That would eliminate "all or nothing" attempts which have nothing to do with real trading and consistent profitability.

sos avatar
sos 15 Jan.

If your account hits below 20 USD all positions are closed and your account blocked. So you need more than 20 USD in your account.  To be able to trade and keep your positions open during time you will always need at least more than 30 USD as deposit. It's not easy to survive and make money with smaller account. Doubling account and keep your chances going even when you lost your a couple trade is easier with greater account. It's all your choice, rules are simple and FAIR.

rokasltu avatar
rokasltu 16 Jan.

As I see from discussion in my opinion main idea of  this discussion is how to minimize "gambling" trading style when participating in the contest. I think the best way is to include requirement for drawdown (such requirement was used in Signal Provider contest), e.g. 25% (as was suggested by WallStreetBlog) and calculate drawdown on hourly basis.

astropata2 avatar

Important thing is to obtain biggest possible profit with lowest possible 'traded volume". Why? Less you invest the less risk you involve. But it is very easy to get Traded volume points. One can do few times sell and buy operation for the same currency (USDJPY is the best because it has the lowest commissions) and he/she has it.... 

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