Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Demo contests?

Answer: Dukascopy Demo contests are open to any person who is at least 18 years of age, irrespectively of whether he is an existing Dukascopy Bank client or not.

Q: Is the participation free of charge?

Answer: Yes, participation in the contest is fully free of charge.

Q: What kind of comments is not desirable in the contest? Why I am receiving warnings from Dukascopy about my comments?

Answer: Dukascopy Bank expects the comments to be sensible and meaningful. The comment should reflect the grounds or factors that drove the trader to effectuate the particular trade.

Senseless, run-around comments are not tolerated. Even though Dukascopy will not delete them unless they contain any sort of abuse, advertisement or any other kind of spam, the trader hasto be aware that a predominance or considerable share of ineligible comments will significantly decrease his odds to receive any extra bonus points when being analyzed by the Dukascopy evaluation committee (4th factor of the total score).

Examples of undesirable comments that will not be valued by Dukascopy when attributing theexpert score:

"Good", "Ok", "1.5697", "Buy", "Sell" etc.

Please see the Code of conduct for thecomments in the Dukascopy Forex Community.

Q: Can I register to Dukascopy Demo contests without having a community account?

Answer: No, the 2-level registration system requires the participant to have a central communityaccount. A lot of contests functionalities are located at the community level and in future theintegration will be even more intensive.

Q: How do I subscribe to the contests after registering to the community?

Answer: After having created a Dukascopy Forex community account you may register to any democontest via one click. The registration is now unified.

During the 1st registration to one of the contests you will be asked tocomplement the account data with your contact details. This is done in order to ensure thecompleteness of your account and its eligibility to an eventual prize. Therefore, the data has to betrue and correct. Awarded Live accounts are opened on its basis and according to the rules theprize can be canceled in case the real data of the prize claimant does not correspond to the oneindicated in his contest account.

All further registrations do not require any additional information and are processed on a ""one-click"" basis. 

Q: Can I suggest amendments for the contest rules?

Answer: Although we attentively process all incoming mails and draw valuable conclusions or insight fromreasonable proposal, we affirm that the rules of the Traders contest were elaborated withthorough evaluation of all relevant factors and are balanced enough to cater for the aims of thecontest. The point of the contest is not merely to reward best performers, but to assess theforecasting ability, adherence to one's own strategy and ability to ground his actions. Because ofthe above reasons, participants should be aware that the rules are fixed and are to be accepted bythe contestants in their present form.

However, Dukascopy admits that it collects the feedback from participants and takes it intoaccount for further improvements.

Q: How will my award be processed in case I end up the month on a winning position?

Answer: In accordance with the rules Community cash prizes can only be credited to dedicated LIVE Prize accounts. LIVE Prize accounts can be credited only with cash prize money. Clients are not allowed crediting their own funds on this type of account. Please note that it is impossible to indicate any Introducing agentsor register the prize accounts through Forex cashback services.

Q: How do I report a problem or contact Community team's representative?

Answer: For feedback, questions, or comments, please send an email