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My strategy based on two simple indicator the MACD(17,31,14) and EMA(28) in the 5 minutes period trade at EURUSD pairs. The MACD used here are two in which the first one for current and second one for shift 1, and it's function is to see the change of 5 minutes trend. When the current MACD above threshold ( 0 value ) while shift 1 MACD below threshold then strategy will check if last closed candle above EMA and if condition met it will check if there are opened position, if not then it will create long position as a sign of uptrend with take profit of 11 points and 250 points predefined stoploss and vice versa for the short position. blog

Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

Selected period: 01.07.2020 - 31.07.2020

Full Stats

Standings (points): 14 (270)
Performance, $ (points): 145,16K$ (192)
Drawdown, % (points): 15.77% (42)
Bonuses: 36
Average Profit Trade: 3,72K$
Average Loss Trade: 0$
Profit factor: 3,72K
Number of trades: 14
Traded volume: 125,74M$
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